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Why Buy British Made Power Distribution Units?

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Why buy British made power distribution units? There are several good reasons why to buy British made/manufactured goods in these current times. 2021 starts with major disruptions in the global traffic of goods with containers being in the wrong places around the planet; the coronavirus pandemic creating shutdowns and staff shortages, furlough and redundancies all thrown into the mix all creating uncertainty and doubt about supplies. All of which raises certain questions.

  • What is Made in the UK?
  • Does British Quality Matter?
  • What is the Environmental Impact?
  • How can I Reduce Risk in What I Buy?

What is Made in the UK?

What is made in the UK can be difficult to ascertain sometimes. Component parts have been globally supplied for some time but recently the trend has been for more finished assembled electrical products to be imported from the far east which often arrive unbranded and nearly all without a country of origin. The effect of course has seen prices driven down. Cheap imports have generally been good for the consumer, provided the quality of the product does not let you down and any cost saving is lost by equipment downtime, repairs and any necessary replacements. As manufacturers since 1974 it would be disingenuous to not acknowledge that we import many components but the designs and quality inspection procedures we apply mean we maintain overall ownership of our products. We also therefore retain the necessary skills and control over the assembled manufacture of our products which is important to us. This way we also preserve British jobs.

We find that our customers would prefer to buy British if all other considerations are basically equal. At PDU Online we are proud to be British manufacturers and have a long serving and dedicated manufacturing team who are passionate about their products and obsessed in a positive way to supplying the customer exactly what is wanted and maybe even exceed his or her expectations.

Does British Quality Matter?

Claiming quality assurance or compliance to a standard is unfortunately easy and many products are labelled as such without any supportive evidence. Unscrupulous suppliers rely on customers not requesting proof of compliance. Ultimately the reality of correcting situations when matters on those rare occasions do go wrong is the real acid test. A simple replacement of, perhaps a defective product with potentially just another one, is not good customer service but is all that the importers and re-sellers can do when a few thousand miles of ocean are in the way of the problem and the solution. Whilst we do not enjoy having a problem, who does, we do approach those moments as an opportunity to improve and with all the resources around us we are best placed to do it. PDU Online is manufactured and approved to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and audited by the British Standards Institute which provides us with a framework to operate consistently and to carefully worked out procedures.

What is the Environmental Impact?

It is the policy of PDU Online to buy local wherever possible. Some of our component parts are however imported but it is our policy to control this and to not have sub components create unnecessary air or nautical miles. Components inevitably weigh less than finished goods, so purchasing from us helps in another small way to reduce our collective carbon footprint. It is also company policy to design its products in such a way as to enable basic materials to be broken back to their original conditions if feasible at the end of each product’s life. As a company we are also registered as part of the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations for the correct and responsible disposal of used equipment. Additionally, we are also mindful to reduce the use of single use plastic in our packaging materials wherever possible.

How can I Reduce Risk in What I Buy?

Global sourcing has its benefits and its risks. Currently the risks are higher than they have been in previous years. Buying from a British manufacturer whilst not guaranteeing supplier security does limit risk and buying from a company like ourselves who have been manufacturing continuously since 1974 offers a certain assurance of supply. Continuity can be very important on contracts and ensuring replenishment of goods match those previously supplied is more achievable when dealing with a known established supplier. Integral in the service is to provide technical support and all necessary documentation such as data sheets, certificates of conformity, which not only provides reassurance but is part of the risk reduction process.


Determining what is actually made in Britain can be difficult unless it is obviously stated by a manufacturer. If it isn’t obvious then it’s probably not. PDU Online British made quality products can be supported by its internal Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring consistency of PDU production and service. By supporting British jobs there are no concerns of whether child labour or other ethical concerns exist and buying British helps reduce environmental impact and the impact there is, is managed in a responsible way.

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