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Overload Protection

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Overload Protection, PDU Online

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Overload Protection

Here we have compiled brief information on a number of different overload protection options available. If you can not find the answer to what you're looking for please don't hesitate to contact us direct.

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Further protection can be selected by fitting an MCB (miniature circuit breaker/s rated at 16 or 32A), RCD (residual current devices rated at 25A 30mA trip) or RCBO (combined MCB and RCD units rated at 25A 30mA trip.) An MCB protects equipment against overload , RCDs protects against electric shock, RCBO protects against both.

Overload Protection, PDU Online

The most common fuse rating used is 13A, although also available are 3, 5, 7 & 10A ratings. Physical size is 25 mm x 6.3 mm. Breaking capacity is 6kA. An assessment should be made if a single fuse module per PDU is adequate. If individual sockets are required to be fuse protected then please contact us for your own configuration and we will advise on suitability.

16A fuse

Used particularly when the plug selected is 16A rated and does not contain an integral fuse. This fuse is to BS 61340-5. Physical size is 6.35 mm x 32 mm. Breaking capacity 1500A. UL Class UL 248-13.