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Indication & Controls

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Indication & Controls, PDU Online

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Indication & Controls

Here we have compiled brief information on a number of different indication & control options available. If you can not find the answer to what you're looking for please don't hesitate to contact us direct.

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Indication & Control

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Neon indicator

A simple neon indicator with a red translucent lens to indicate that the PDU is powered up. Particularly useful if the plug and possible switching position is not visible. Also used in preference to a neon switch if there is a risk of accidental switching of the PDU. This neon can be used on any size of PDU and is suitable for all amperages.

Neon switch

16A rated double pole. By switching live and neutral acts as an isolating switch. Translucent red rocker switch as standard. Individual single pole switches for each socket outlet is available upon request. Contact us with your own configuration and we will advise on suitability.

Indication & Controls, PDU Online

This module is suitable for all PDUs and amperages and sits on the circuit to remove unwanted spikes or surges that may occur. The red neon lens indicates that the surge is operational.