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Colourful Medical Sockets

Medical sockets

Providing electrical power in critical medical environments such as hospital operating theatres, wards and intensive care areas requires the need for quick identification of key and different power supplies. Different colour medical sockets are the perfect solution.

Here we will detail how PDU Online can help but first lets identify the following;

  • Types of Circuits
  • How can these circuits be easily identified?
  • The Solution

Types of circuits?

There are isolated power supplies that are to be kept entirely independent to assure that the failure of normal circuits, such as a ground fault or short circuit, will not damage or disable the emergency circuits. Separate circuits can also be present for emergency generator use should there be a mains failure. And then there are standard circuits for non-medical equipment.

How can these circuits be easily identified?

The ubiquitous 13 amp UK power socket is often the final outlet at the user end particularly throughout the United Kingdom and in areas of the world where the British standard wiring system has been adopted. Printing and labelling is often been used but this has various problems associated with the adhesion of labels or the durability of printing not say the choice of language and variable descriptions that may be used.

The Solution?

The blue “medical use only” sockets used in isolated power supply (IPS) applications have existed for some time but recently when a specialist German manufacturer of high quality medical equipment required UK standard 13 amp sockets in various colours to be incorporated into their manufacturing process for the instant visual recognition of one circuit to another, they reached out to PDU Online for a solution. As a specialist manufacturer themselves PDU Online’s sockets are usually supplied within their own products but they were delighted to satisfy this rather unusual and special requirement.

PDU Online as a core manufacturer of many of the components that are built within their own power distribution units also provide other services to their varied customer base that can includes subcontract wiring on harness assemblies, plastic moulding and presswork.

In this instance the thermoplastic injection moulded socket interiors were made in green, red, black, blue and the standard white to meet the customer’s requirements. Protocols within the installation determine which colour denotes which application use so obviating the need for further labelling or printing. Sometimes matters can transcend words!

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