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Desktop Power Supply to Government Department


Desktop Power Supply to Government Department


A batch of special desktop power distribution units were required by a government department with very specific desktop power supply.

  • 2x Separate desktop power supply via 16A RCDs
  • 6x UK 13A socket outlets individually fused
  • Each set controlled by a single illuminated DP switch

Each unit was to have two separate supplies feeding via a 16A RCD (Residual Current Device) to 6 UK 13A socket outlets with each socket being individually fused and each set of six controlled by a single illuminated double pole switch.

Provided the feed plugs are on different phase circuits then the unit can offer continuity of supply should one of the phases be lost.

The aluminium body of the desktop power units provide a rigid and robust construction. All desktop power sockets used are manufactured from durable thermoplastic materials. The anodised silver finish provides a pleasing aesthetic and contrast to the black power modules.

Each unit was supplied with steel desk clamps to ensure they are adequately fixed to the office furniture but able to be moved if necessary. This feature provides the end user with a flexible solution for their desktop power supply. The clamps are discreet and easy to mount to ensure a stylish finish

All desk units are manufactured in the UK, individually tested under the companies ISO 9001 Quality Management System and fully traceable.


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